Brand Partnering

A Fresh Approach to Franchising

Our Brand Partnering approach, triggered by an innovative franchising project with Thresher (then part of Whitbread), is well recorded.  See European Lawyer Reference (First Edition 2011) ‘Alternative Corporate Re-Engineering’: Brand Partnering – A Fresh Approach to Corporate Franchise Thinking to Release Enterprise Behaviours.

Our work was targeted towards corporations that had never used Franchising as a business concept and wanted to know how to do it. Whitbread was our first client of this type and we then went on to pioneer the setting up of the Boots Opticians Franchise operation and Costa Coffee in the early 2000s.  Our work with Costa Coffee also included helping to find their first 40 Franchise Partners.  The core model was as follows.

  • Do we have an attractive enough proposition for both employees and potential partners?

  • Do we know what behaviours / capabilities are required to make a success of whatever model(s) we choose to deploy?

  • Are we clear on what type of organisation / culture is appropriate to best merge the new model going forward?


Whatever deployment selection is made, these 3 Big Questions are common across the board.