Chris Dunn is CEO of TDA Transitions & Learning

Chris Dunn Profile

He advises, consults, teaches and designs content to support the three portfolio areas outlined.

TDA puts together multi-skilled teams to suit different scenarios, e.g. Turnaround, Start-Up, Franchising and Enterprise release solutions as part of either talent management programmes or culture change scenarios.

Chris is a Working Free Technical Topic Partner.  Working Free is a new service dedicated to supporting executives wanting to work as Independents.

He has worked with franchise specialists at both Field Fisher Waterhouse and Bird and Bird and has a close working relationship with Franchise Finance, a well-respected franchise advisory team.

In the behaviour profiling arena, TDA has worked with Emergentedge as their behaviour research partners since the later 1980s.

If you have an enterprise project in mind, please contact Chris Dunn on :

Telephone:  020 8568 2703 

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